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After a long day filled with deadlines and stress, ones escape to their homes should be just that- an escape. Your home should be your oasis that relaxes you and gives you the opportunity to unwind and absorb the tranquility that you deserve.

At Valdan this is Important to us. That’s why we strive to offer a stress-free experience to our customers. Best of all, our design process allows us to create the perfect environment that can be tailored to any budget.  

By offering in-house professional landscape design, lighting, irrigation, carpentry and stone masonry services, the path to your oasis starts and ends with us.




A properly designed irrigation system can reduce your water consumption by 60%.  Through the use of a properly planned low volume irrigation system, you will be able to satisfy the demand requirements of your landscape while saving water, time and money.  Best of all, its automatic!


One of the best things about outdoor living is experiencing it at night.  With a professionally-designed lighting plan, you can provide proper security and safety while enhancing the landscape and architectural details of your home.  You have the ability to extend the hours of enjoyment in your personal paradise, and an opportunity to set the stage for many enjoyable and memorable evenings surrounded by the perfect ambience. 

design services

Design Services
A professionally planned space is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!  By incorporating architectural details of the home together with the vision of our clients, our design team will customize an oasis tailored to your taste and needs.  Join the list of satisfied customers who have entrusted their vision to the talented and experienced design team at Valdan Landscape.


From natural stone seat walls  and pillars, to flagstone overlays and stone veneers, our team of masons have truly mastered this craft and pride themselves in delivering a quality product that only true stone artisans can.

pre cast paving

Pre cast paving
Hardscapes typically create the framework of landscape design.  Whether it’s interlocking stone, poured concrete or flagstone, base preparation is the most important factor in a long lasting surface.  Through the use of clean aggregate and proper compaction practises, our installations stand the ultimate test of time. 


custom carpentry

Custom Carpentry
With constant focus on the small details, our master carpenter exercises precision in every project.   From fences and decks to cabanas, pergolas, privacy screens and gazebos, the outcome is nothing short of perfection.


As with everything we do, we leave no stone un-turned when it comes to detail.  This approach is taken especially when it comes to plant material.  Using only the best inventory available, careful consideration is taken in selecting, positioning, and planting to ensure a full and prosperous life.  As in many cases, plants prove to be the framework of your outdoor environment.


One of the most important factors in a well-built space is grading and excavating.  It is the first step in the construction process.  It is crucial to ensure that storm water is taking its intended and controlled path.  This shapes the site and sets the stage for a masterpiece to be built. 


From subdivisions and sports fields to a small backyard, we use only the highest quality sod from superior blends.  Our installation practises ensure a tight and seamless carpet free of weeds.  One that is graded to perfection to ensure proper drainage and of course, a beautifully looking lawn. 

swimming pools

Swimming Pools
Whether for your personal enjoyment or for entertaining, a swimming pool will add value to your property and enjoyment to your summers.  The sound of moving water promotes tranquility along with a lifestyle of relaxation and memorable moments.


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